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Joe Arpaio's New cheap nfl jerseys Birther

Just like Arpaio's announcement on March 1 that he had evidence Obama's using a phony birth certificate, his birther buddies are using recycled theories theories that were debunked months before Arpaio and friends presented them to the world as "evidence."Not only are the theories false which, unfortunately, we'll explain Arpaio and his buddies presented information to the public that they know is false.The best "evidence" Arpaio and the birthers presented was that penciledin codes on the birth certificate don't match federal guidelines, which they claim to believe is clear evidence of a forgery (see their videoIn one box on Obama's birth certificate, there's a box titled "race of father," which is filled in as "African." The number nine is penciled in next to it.Arpaio and lead "investigator" Mike Zullo say that according to the federal guide in 1961 the year of Obama's birth that number nine meant "unknown or not stated."That's false, and it's nearly impossible that Arpaio's birther gang didn't know that.After approximately two minutes on the Internet no, we didn't have to blow $10,000 on a trip to Hawaii we found this exact theory, and the documentation proving it false, from Obama Conspiracy Theories.The coding for the number nine in the race meant "unknown or not stated" in the guide for 1968.That leaves Arpaio and friends with stories about how nobody wanted to play their birther games in Hawaii, as they went around claiming to be police officers and asking for documents, as well as more "forensic computer analysis."All of the computer things have consistently been debunked, and a quick Google search for Garrett Papit cheap jerseys the guy who did the latest one will show you that this gentleman has been involved in birther theories on the Internet for more than a year now.For the rest of you who never bought an ounce of Arpaio's "investigation" anyway, we apologize for wasting your time.UPDATE: Thanks to the reader who pointed out that the Fogbow is in the process of more thoroughly debunking the claims. Innocent mistake by a ditzy publicist my ass. It's why he's never released any school records and why Donald Trump got insulted so fanatically when he asked Obama to release them until the Donald found his upcoming casino projects threatened and backed off. Because asking how someone did in school or whether they registered as a foreign student to get scholarship money is RAAAACCCCIIIIIIISSSSST, obviously. Dubya's poor grades at Yale were just a joke but nobody treated them like they were the alien bodies at Area 51. I don't recall Clinton's academic record being a supersecret either. Period. And because his first job out of college was with a CIA front company, and his grandmama and Timmy Geithner's Daddy were Ford Foundation CIA front men and women together back in the 1960s in Indonesia:DearMatthew Hendley, if the number nine means "other nonwhite" then apparently Obama's birth certificate shouldn't say University under 'Kind of business or Industry'. If you would have actually looked at the Whitehouse document you would have noticed more than one field marked with the number nine. Oh, and you realize ANYONE can have a website and say anything they want. so you until you fly to Hawaii and do some real research, I think I'll take the word of a trained investigator over an idiot web journalist that cites theories from other websites.I emailed Mr. Zullo and told him he had used the incorrect race codes for 1961 on the evening of the press conference. He forwarded my question to Jerome Corsi. Corsi replied and wanted the codes. Corsi wholesale jerseysreplied that Dr. C was wrong and he had the actual 1961 codes. I asked Mr. Corsi to send me his a copy and a source for the codes. I also asked him why the CCP had not interviewed the "mole" inside the Hawaii Department of Health who Mr. Corsi had claimed told him that the LFBC was going to be released before it actually was. Mr. Corsi has not replied to either request. The second hyperlink points to the 1961 code book, not the 1968 codes referenced in the paragraph. Further in the 1968 book, it is specified that the same codes are used for parent and child. There's nothing invalid about the cropping. It is the document itself that's a fraud. The breakdowns are different. Zullo got punked by a birther blog that originally faked the manual (you can see from detailed marks and dust specks that his manual came straight off The Daily Pen web site.) If the Cold Case Posse were really investigators, they would have checked their source instead of printing lies that had been proven false even before the Cold Case Posse republished them.The federal manuals can be obtained directly from the Department of Health and Human Services (the way I got them) and you don't have to trust me. I used it to sign up for peewee football and other youth sports. Which apparently requires more ID than running for President of the United States does. Then it would've been game over.Instead Obama played this bullshit Alinsky tactic game of 'I'm going to try to make everyone who questions my bona fides look nuts by holding back my birth certificate for three years after McCain released his in 2008' mindgames. Then nobody would pay any attention to the Posse's claims that this is an early 2011 Adobe job with losta layering a simple printed hard copy shouldn't have.

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Best Southpaw Fighters of All Time

Legendary Southpaws1. Pernell Whitaker: Womens Jermaine Gresham Jersey Sweet Pea won a Gold medal in the Olympics and he retired with a record of 40 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw and 17 knockouts. Whitaker won titles in 4 different weight classes and was at the top of the pound for pound list for nearly a decade. His defense and beautiful southpaw jab beat Roger Mayweather, Buddy Mcgirt, Greg Haugen and many others.

2. Manny Pacquiao: Pacman has won Championships in a record 8 weight divisions. He is www.bengalsonlineofficialshop.com/bengals-jermaine-gresham-jersey-c-5_13.html the hardest punching southpaw ever with knockout wins over Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Erik Morales(twice) and Marco Antonio Barrera.

3. Marvin Hagler: Marvelous Marvin was one of the best middleweights ever, holding the Championship from 1980 1987 beating among others Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Vito Antefermo and John Mugabi.

4. Carmen Basilio: Basilio was a two time Welterweight Champion and a former middleweight Champion. His final record was 56 wins, 16 losses, 7 draws and 27 knockouts and he beat among others the great Sugar Ray Robinson, Johnny Saxton and Tony De Marco for Championship belts.

5. Super Joe was Champion for just over ten years and defended the crown 21 times. He retired with a perfect record of 46 0 with 32 knockouts. Among others he beat Chris Eubank, Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones, Jr.

6. Naseem Hamed: The Prince retired with a Featherweight record of 36 wins, 1 loss and 31 knockouts. He was Featherweight King from 1995 2000 and made 15 successful defenses until suffering his only career defeat to the great Marco Antonio Barrera.

7. Hector Camacho: Macho Camacho had a record of 79 wins, 6 losses, 3 draws and 38 knockouts. Camacho won belts in the Jr. Lightweight, Lightweight and Jr. Welterweight divisions. He lost to greats like Julio Cesar Chavez, Felix Trinidad and Oscar De La Hoya but he has wins over Greg Haugen, Jose Luis Ramirez, an aging Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran and Cornelious Boza Edwards lost on points to Southpaw speed demon Camacho.

8. Tiger Flowers: Flowers is the first ever African American middleweight Champion and he beat the great Harry Greb for the title. His final record was 136 wins, 15 losses, 8 draws and 56 knockouts. Flowers fought legendary boxers such as Mike Mctigue, Sam Langford and Mickey Walker.

9. Winky Wright: Ronald Wright finished his career with a record of 51 wins, 6 losses, 1 draw and 25 knockouts. He was a three time Junior Middleweight Champion who beat Felix Trinidad, Sugar Shane Mosley twice and Bronco McKart during his career as a defensive stylist.

10. Antonio Tarver: The Magic Man is still an active Cruiserweight boxer with a record of 29 wins, 6 losses, 1 draw and 20 knockouts. He was a 4 time Light Heavyweight Champion who knocked out pound for pound king Roy Jones for the Tilte. He also beat Jones again, Glen Johnson, Eric Harding and Danny Green during his professional career.

Prizefighting LinksBest Fourth Round Knockouts in Boxing History

This boxing hub documents the top fifth round knockouts in pugilistic history including Mike Tyson knocking out the Easton Assassin Larry Holmes in four rounds while defending his heavyweight championship. Maps, polls, pictures, you tube video clipsBoxing Best Light Heavyweights of All Time

This article is about the top light heavyweight fighters ever. Bob Foster, Jermaine Gresham Jersey Orange EZZARD Charles, Archie Moore and Roy Jones are all listed here. Pictures, you tube videos, polls, maps and commentary. The 175 pound weight class is full of hall of fame legenBoxing Best Heavyweights of All Time

This article is about the boxers that have the best chins or ability to absorb a shot. Jake La Motta, Mike Tyson, Marvin Hagler and Muhammad Ali are featured in this prizefighting hub. Pictures, you tube videos, polls, maps and commentary are listedBoxing Hardest Puncher of All Time

This article is about the hardest Puncher's in the history of boxing. Julian Jackson, Tommy Hearns, George Foreman and Archie Moore are highlighted in this hub. Pictures, you tube videos, polls, maps and commentary are listed in this hub.

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Alberta power rates among highest in country

EDMONTON Residents of Calgary and Edmonton still pay among the highest prices for electricity in the country, according to the annual Hydro Quebec power pricing survey.

The good news for consumers is the price, calculated on April 1, is a few cents lower than it was last year at the same time.

Calgary, which recorded the highest price in the nation last year, dropped to third highest and Edmonton dropped from second to fifth highest, in Hydro Quebec assessment.

The survey of 12 Canadian cities pegged electricity in Calgary at 14.5 cents per kilowatt hour for the average household, down from 18 cents in 2011. Edmonton came in at 13.6 cents, down from 17 cents in 2011.

The price includes rate riders and local access fees that add to the kilowatt hour cost in Alberta deregulated electricity market.

By comparison, the cost in the three cities with the lowest priced electricity Orange Rey Maualuga Jersey Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver ranged from seven to eight cents per kWh for an average home. Those cities are served by relatively inexpensive hydro power while the bulk of Alberta electricity is generated from coal or more expensive natural gas fired plants. cities, where the cost of electricity ranged from a low of 7.6 cents in Seattle to highs of more than 23 cents in San Francisco and New York. cities are included, Alberta cities placed in the middle of the pack, with Calgary having the seventh highest prices and Edmonton the ninth highest of the 22 cities in North America.

Alberta is the only jurisdiction in Canada with a fully deregulated market that sets the price hourly. Electricity is supplied from power plants constructed and financed by private investors.

Electricity consultant Sheldon Fulton said electricity costs for residential consumers are high in Alberta because of market volatility that can rocket the megawatt hour price of electricity to as high as $999 per mWh when plants shut down unexpectedly.

either $40 or $300 depending on whether the wind is blowing or not, he added. www.bengalsonlineofficialshop.com/bengals-rey-maualuga-jersey-c-5_15.html

He said the regulated rate that consumers pay if they haven signed a fixed price contract is affected by that volatility to such a degree that one regulated rate provider has applied to the Alberta Utilities Commission for a larger profit margin to offset the risk.

If approved, that could boost residential electricity prices even higher, he said.

Alberta Energy commissioned a task force to review the retail electricity market prior to most recent provincial election to stem public outcry over spiking prices but has yet to release the 390 page report or act on any of its 41 recommendations.

guess is the committee has made recommendations that may be contradictory to Game Rey Maualuga Jersey current government policy, so I think what they are trying to do is figure out how do they make some changes, Fulton said. Hydro comparisons are correct. We do have the highest rates in the country, but what is the underlying root cause and how do you fix it? Energy spokesman Mike Deising said the retail market report is still being reviewed by Energy Minister Ken Hughes and his staff.

the department and the minister have thoroughly gone through it, he will be responding and releasing the report, Deising said. it is taking time is there is 41 recommendations for the electricity system and this is important for the province, it is important to Albertans, and we want to take time and ensure we do our due diligence. there are improvements to be made we will make them, but we going to take our time and make sure we do this right. said Edmonton electricity prices are cheaper than Toronto and Calgary are only marginally more expensive.

think it shows that Alberta is competitive, he said. jurisdictions have hydro electricity and those jurisdictions are always going to have a rate that is lower. noted Albertans haven had to go into debt to pay for their electricity system like other jurisdictions.

Hydro is pushing $37 billion in taxpayer debt, he said. can say that your rate is lower, but there still $37 billion of debt that the Quebec taxpayer is going to be on the hook for. Bahry, executive director of the Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta, dismissed the Hydro Quebec survey as an apples to oranges comparison.

of the jurisdictions compared have had the same economic growth that Alberta has had, he responded in an e mail. needed to build generation and transmission to meet our enviable economic growth. noted Alberta has added 7000 MW worth of supply to meet demand growth since 1995 a 100 per cent increase in the province generation capacity.

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2 San Francisco BART Workers Killed

OAKLAND, Calif. The commuter train that struck and killed two San Francisco Bay area transit workers did not have a front facing video recorder, but interviews, inspections, audio recordings and camera footage from the train's cab should provide enough evidence to determine a cause for the accident, a federal investigator said Sunday.

Jim Southworth, the National Transportation Safety Board's railroad accident investigator in charge, confirmed that Saturday's accident involved a Bay Area Rapid Transit district train that was not carrying any passengers because of the labor strike that has shut down the BART system since Friday.

But whether the work stoppage by members of the system's two largest unions or the way BART management deployed non striking workers during the shutdown played a www.bengalsonlineofficialshop.com/bengals-anthony-munoz-jersey-c-5_6.html role in the fatalities will not be known for weeks or months, Southworth said.

"My concern coming out here, as it is for every investigation, is to find out what happened, to gather the facts," he said. "Whether the strike plays a role in that I can't say at this time."

BART officials said on Sunday that they could no longer discuss the accident because of the ongoing NTSB investigation. The district's assistant general manager has said that the four car train with several employees aboard was returning from a routine maintenance trip and being run in automatic mode under computer control when it struck the workers who were inspecting a section of track in the East Bay city of Walnut Creek.

Neither BART nor the county coroner has released the names and ages of the victims one a BART employee and the other a contractor. They were the sixth and seventh workers to die on the job in the system's 41 year history.

Southworth said it is too early to know how fast the train was going or if workers saw or heard it coming. He and a colleague hope to interview the person who was operating the train and BART dispatchers as soon as Monday.

Even if the strike ended immediately, the ongoing investigation means it would probably take a few days before trains could run on those tracks, he said.

"These accidents occur in an instant, but they take very long to investigate," Anthony Munoz Jersey Limited he said.

The NTSB has been promoting improved safety measures for track maintenance crews since the May death of a foreman who was killed by a passenger train in West Haven, Conn., spokesman Eric Weiss said.

In June, the board urged the Metro North Railroad to provide backup protection for crews that were relying on dispatchers to close tracks while they are being worked on and to light the appropriate signals.

(MORE:At Least 20 Dead in Massive Accident)

The investigators now in California will be checking to see if BART uses "shunts" a device that crews can attach to the rails in a work zone that gives approaching trains a stop signal or any other of the backup measures the NTSB recommended for the Metro North system, Weiss said.

"Obviously, we are very concerned anytime anyone dies in transportation accidents, but we're very Anthony Munoz Jersey NFL interested in the issue of track worker deaths right now," he said. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that between 1993 and 2002 a total of 460 railroad workers died on the job, 132 of them were pedestrian workers struck by trains and other rail vehicles. Of all the accidents, 62 involved local passenger trains.

Meanwhile, with no indication that the striking BART workers would be back on the job Monday, the region was preparing for another day of gridlock on freeways and bridges clogged with commuters who would ordinarily be traveling by train. BART, the nation's fifth largest commuter rail system, has an average weekday ridership of 400,000.

BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said Sunday that transit officials and labor leaders have been in contact over the weekend, but the two sides did not have any plans to return to the bargaining table.

BART presented what it called its last and final offer to its unions a week ago but is open to restarting the negotiations if that is what the federal mediator overseeing the process wants, Trost said. The system's directors plan to hold a special closed meeting on Monday, she said.

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Baltimore Ravens CBS Chicago

(CBS) Coming off of a defy all odds Super Bowl run, the Baltimore Ravens quest to defend their title hasn quite gone as planned.

Nobody said it would be easy. In fact, in the past decade, no defending Super Bowl Champion other than the 2004 New England Patriots has even won a playoff game the following year.

Since arriving in 2008, the tandem of head coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Joe Flacco has won a playoff game every year. Couple this on field chemistry with a front office adept at procuring young talent via the draft, and the Ravens were seemingly bulletproof.

In professional sports, change is inevitable. Some by choice, some by circumstance. The Ravens were braced for retiring players Ray Lewis and Matt Birk and the inevitable vulturing of their roster in free agency. In all, they lost eight starters nine if you include Dennis Pitta who was lost in training camp from last year's team.

The miscalculation in their assumed ability to absorb this radical roster turnover was the amount of on field experience they lost in the process. Replacing older talent with younger talent is commonplace, but replacing figurative coaches on the field is a unique challenge.

A key figure that was brought back to fill part of the leadership void was Flacco. Flacco led by example in the playoffs, throwing for 11 touchdowns, no interceptions and a 117.2 passer efficiency rating.

As such, the Ravens made Flacco a member of the exclusive nine figure contract club, signing him to a $120.6M ($52M guaranteed) deal, the richest in NFL history. Whether Flacco is worth that amount is entirely debatable, but the fact Boomer Esiason Kids Jersey of the matter is Flacco bet on himself in a contract year and won. Big time.

After Jim Caldwell was promoted to offensive coordinator (replacing Cam Cameron) in season, the Ravens struck a greater balance in their play calling. They ran the ball more frequently and effectively, which opened up play action and the deep passing opportunities. Flacco attempted the most passes over 20 yards in the league, and was highly successful on those attempts.

This year, the Ravens offense is White Boomer Esiason Jersey still searching for an identity.

There are a variety of reasons as to why the Ravens offense www.bengalsonlineofficialshop.com/bengals-boomer-esiason-jersey-c-5_7.html has stalled this season, with the biggest being a lack of go up and get it receivers (think Pitta and Anquan Boldin), an unsettled and less talented offensive line, and an anemic run game.

They're throwing the ball 60% of the time, but with fewer yards per attempt and a higher interception rate, and the explosive plays haven't been there. Other than Torrey Smith (41 receptions, 753 yards, 18.4 yards per catch, 2 touchdowns) and Jacoby Jones, Flacco is throwing to receivers Marlon Brown, Tandon Doss that he's not familiar with.

That lack of chemistry and trust has forced Caldwell to deploy a more controlled, quick timing passing scheme out of shotgun and pistol sets. Couple that with the lack of a running game the Ravens rank 30th in the league, averaging 73 yards per game and opponents can comfortably sit back in coverage to keep everything underneath, and force the Ravens to string together long drives, which they been incapable of more often than not.

Ray Rice suffered a hip injury against the Browns in Week 2. While he claims to be fully recovered, the sudden change of direction that's made him special isn't there. Rice is averaging a mere 2.5 yards per carry for the season and even fewer over his last two games (1.6). Rice's counterpart, Bernard Pierce, isn faring much better (93 carries, 261 yards, 2.8 yards per attempt).

An offensive coordinator can't call what the team can't block. They primarily use zone blocked running plays, but are giving up far too much penetration both playside and backside. Even their combination blocks have given way at the line of scrimmage, and it appears that Caldwell's realized that.

Recently, they shown a bit more imagination reverses, bootlegs, unbalanced lines, splitting Rice and Smith out together on the weak side and will need to continue to do so if they want to get back into the playoff hunt. Flacco's accuracy hasn been there on his deep throws, but he's been effective on the move.

Defensively, the Ravens aren as creative with their 3 4 fronts as they been in the past, but they can still get after the passer.

Given the fact he lost six starters Lewis, Ed Reed, Bernard Pollard, Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe, Cary Williams defensive coordinator Dean Pees isn't able to deploy the multi level and multi angle blitz package he did last season. Instead, Pees relies on a stout front four to get pressure on their own.

Free agent additions Elvis Dumervil and Chris Canty, have filled in nicely on the Ravens front.

Pairing Dumervil with Terrell Suggs has given the Ravens a dominant pair of outside linebackers. Suggs is fifth in the NFL with nine sacks and Dumervil is ninth in the league with eight sacks. Pees has dialed up more blitzes of late out of the slot, and also sent Suggs and Dumervil together on an overload last week against the Bengals.

On the interior, Canty joins an already stout group led by Haloti Ngata and Arthur Jones. Canty has experience both as a 3 4 five technique and a 4 3 defensive tackle.

Replacing Lewis and Reed in the same year is nearly impossible. Yes, their physical talents had deteriorated, but Lewis was the quarterback of the front seven, and Reed the back four, collaborating on an amoeba defense that knew the opponent's scheme better than the offense running it.

Free agent Daryl Smith (Jaguars) has filled Lewis' void admirably, leading the team in tackles and providing solid pass coverage.

James Ihedigbo has filled Pollard's void at strong safety, providing steady tackling and coverage, and rookie Matt Elam has taken over for Reed at free safety. Ihedigbo's in a contract year, and his play should get him some attention on the open market. In the long run, Elam is better suited to play strong safety.

Cornerback Lardarius Webb had a slow start to the season, but had a strong performance against the Bengals, both as a blitzer and in coverage. Webb is paired with former first round pick Jimmy Smith, and former Bear Corey Graham. This group has been inconsistent and is prone to giving up big plays.

Defensively, the Ravens can compete, but can they find an offensive identity in the second half of the season? With a shaky offensive line and underperforming running backs, their best bet is to go to their '11' personnel (1 running back, 1 tight end, 3 wide receivers), work Smith out of the slot, and put the onus on Flacco to earn his raise.

It's hard to write off a team that's been to the playoffs five straight years. The Ravens are still very much alive in the AFC North and the Wild Card race. Outside of the Broncos, Chiefs, and Patriots, the AFC is wide open.

Hottest Sports StoriesVideo: Dunleavy Hits Half Court Buzzer Beater, Celebrates, Realizes Bulls Still LostIf this video isn a microcosm of the state of the Chicago Bulls, then what is, really?

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